• Oak Logs

    For professional sawmills in Romania or other countries, we can offer whole oak logs or other hardwood in large volume.

    Oak Logs
  • Cherry Wood

    Romanian Cherry wood species is a smooth, even grained hardwood known for its warm, rich look. With its uniform texture, cherry wood finishes beautifully and is ideal for hardwood flooring, tongue and groove paneling or wood trim.

    Cherry Wood
  • Beech Wood

    Our modern equipment guarantees perfect quality and a variety of sizes : short,super short,long , different quality grades and different length,width and thickness.

    Beech Wood

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We are a timber producer specialising in Soft Wood (White spruce, Poplar, Basswood, etc.) and Hard Wood (Oak Wood, Beech Wood, Walnut Wood, Cherry Wood, etc.).

Our products are sourced from more sustainable managed forests in Romania. We control the process all through the chain of supply from tree sourcing to the finished product. We are a private company dating its main activities since 1990.

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Clients Testimonials:

If you are looking for a company that's professional, friendly, thorough, timely, cost effective and customer focused, you need to contact Timber Wood.

John Smith, ASPC - G.T. Production CEO

Wood Products

We are producing timber and logs of different species as: Soft wood for construction and furniture and hard wood for doors, floors and furniture.

We are able to work on firm orders and specification different kind of wood products. We will be happy to be your reliable partner in Romania.


We offer drying and heat treatment of the wood.

Moisture of sawn timber as sawmill final products is adjusted by drying. Generally, drying is a technical process to decrease wood moisture to demanded moisture corresponding to wood application. There ais a variety of drying methods, however on principle there are only two basic methods i.e. natural drying in storehouses placed in open space and artificial drying in dry kilns.

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